My research focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and intellectual property rights.

The value of new ideas is difficult to evaluate.  Uncertainty, risk, and asymmetric information all pose distinct challenges to the commercialization of new ideas. My research analyzes these informational challenges, and strategies used by entrepreneurs and inventors to overcome the challenges.

Why do individuals become entrepreneurs and when are they successful? Can intellectual property rights, particularly patents, facilitate the commercialization of new ideas? How do entrepreneurs convince investors about their ideas’ worth? How are public funds for scientific projects, the economic value of which are uncertain, allocated? These are the types of questions I investigate in my research.  My work draws on a variety of fields including  information economics, law, management, political science, and public policy.  My findings have been featured in outlets such as Nature, Wall Street Journal, NPR-MarketplaceFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Harvard Business Review, Corporate Counsel, Inc. Magazine, San Francisco Examiner and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

You can learn more about my research by downloading the papers on this page, by visiting my SSRN author’s page, or my google scholar page.



What is a patent worth? Evidence from the U.S. patent ‘lottery’ (with Joan Farré Mensa and Alexander Ljungqvist)

Asymmetric information and entrepreneurship (with Justin Tumlinson)

Patent disclosure (with Kyle Herkenhoff and Chenqi Zhu) Available on request.

What determines US patent allowance? (with Michael Carley and Alan Marco) Available on request.



Inventor mobility and innovation (with Ajay Bhaskarabhatla and Thomas Peeters)

Patent quality and examiner incentives

Patent rights and venture capital (with Alexander Ljungqvist)



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